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Ensuring EVERYTHING is arranged!

  • Arranging repairs and renewals as and when they are due 

  • Arranging the cleaning and lighting of the common parts (Hallways staircases etc) 

  • Arranging the gardening and the maintenance of the communal grounds 

  • Arranging mechanical maintenance such as lifts, gates and pumps 

  • Arranging electrical maintenance such as emergency lighting and intercom systems 

  • Ensuring the site complies with all applicable regulations and legislation, especially with regard to Health & Safety and Fire Safety 

  • Collecting & administrating service charge funds 

  • Keeping proper books and records 

  • Maintaining full records of all payments and receipts for each property 

  • Appointing independent accountants to produce year end service charge accounts. 

  • Responding to individual owners’ reasonable queries 

  • Liaising with solicitors when a sale is anticipated 

“A different approach

Estate Management Brochure

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